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Mountain biking competition in Alpago, 19-21/7

The Belluno municipality Chies d'Alpago will be holding the Bike Funtastic from July 19 to 21. At stake will be the mountain biking titles Elite, Under 23 and Cross-Country Juniores, Amateurs, and Team Relay. The event is the highlight of the national 2019 mountain biking season and is back in Alpago after an 18-year absence.

On Friday, July 19, there will be the Team Relay championship, while on Saturday there will be the assigning of the Men's and Women's Juniores titles as well as the Men's and Women's Elite titles. The final day, July 21, will be for the fourth competition of the Italian Youth Cup and the Italian Amateurs Championship.

The Chies d'Alpago Cycling Society has been in place for 30 years and progressed alongside the mountain biking movement. The discipline has long been closely linked to the tourism, environmental, cultural and health-related spheres, which the cycling society attempts to include through community involvement.

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